Article 1 – The Organizer

The Organizer of the Campaign “Accenture Movie Premiere” is the company Matei-Borbely & Partners Ltd., residing in Buzau, No. 18 Nicolae Balcescu St., Company Registration no.: J10/503/2013, VAT no. RO 318 41 992 (hereafter referred to as “The Organizer”).


Article 2 – Venue Of The Campaign

The Campaign will comply with the provisions of the present Official Rules (hereafter referred to as “The Rules”) in Romania. The present Official Rules are obligatory for all Participants in the Campaign. The Campaign is operated by the company Matei-Borbely & Partners Ltd., residing in Buzau, No. 18 Nicolae Balcescu St., Company Registration no.: J10/503/2013, VAT no. RO31841992.

The processing of personal data will be done by Wise Brand Ltd, VAT no. RO 30927867, personal data operator no. 33136, in its capacity of service provider for Matei-Borbely & Partners Ltd.


Article 3 – Duration Of The Campaign

The campaign starts on June 8th, 2016. The application period for the Campaign is June 8th, 2016 – June 16th, 2017.


Article 4 – Participation In The Campaign

4.1. Any person over 18 years of age and residing in Romanian (hereafter referred to as “the Participant”) may participate in the Campaign.

4.2. Employees of the Organizer and of Wise Brand Ltd. are not allowed to take part in the Campaign.


Article 5 – Mechanism Of The Campaign

5.1. To participate in the Campaign “Accenture Movie Premiere”, Participants have to follow the steps below:

5.1.1. Step 1 – Campaign Registration: Participants will recommend, on the site of the Campaign, up to 3 persons compliant with the professional profile described and required for the job openings registered on the site, by uploading the CV of a probable compatible Participant.  All details of the job openings and the requirements for them are listed on the site

5.1.2. Step 2 – CV selection by the Organizer: After the expiration of the CV submission period, the Organizer will select eligible persons, based on the criteria included in the job descriptions on the site; these persons will be contacted by the company Accenture Services Ltd for an interview for one of the positions listed on the site.

5.1.3 Step 3 – Campaign Development

First Part:

Every month, the Organizer will select eligible CVs and will send by e-mail to the person who submitted them two invitations to the Premiere Of The Month, an event which will be announced on the website or social media within that month.

The invitations are given if the recommended person complies with the criteria set by the Organizer and listed on the site and within the number of seats available. The conditions for validation and participation are

– all identification data requested on the website should be filled in

– a CV should be sent, that meets the requirements listed on the website (abilities, minimum experience).

If during the Campaign, a CV is received both from the Participant and directly from the potential candidate or another Participant, the chronological order of the CV receipts will be observed, and the Participant will join the Campaign only if he/she sent the CV to the Organizer before the potential candidate or another Participant. If the CV was sent after that, the Participant will be disqualified from the Campaign. The Organizer will inform the Participant by email about such disqualification.

5.2. A Participant may participate in the Campaign “Accenture Movie Premiere” with maximum 3 recommendations of three different persons, submitting the CV of a person only once. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to the exclusion of the Participant from the Campaign, for all their submissions.

5.3. The event with the title “Accenture Movie Premiere” will take place the Cinema City Cotroceni Bucharest, VIP lounge and/or other location of Cinema City from Timisoara and Iasi. The number of invitations available will be announced on the site every month, for each location.

Article 6 – The Prize

6.1. The winners will be contacted by phone to confirm their presence at The Premiere Of The Month, at the phone number and email address give in the application for the Campaign.

6.2. The winners are not taxed for their participation in this Campaign.

6.3. Every month, the Organizer will list on the site of the campaign the number of invitations available and will give these invitations exclusively within the limit of their availability and in the order of receipt of eligible CVs.

6.4. Any complaint regarding prize validation and the granting of invitations, may be done in writing by any Participant and sent by registered mail at the headquarter of the Organizer. The complaint has to be sent within 5 working days from the announcement of the winners and it will be answered within 3 working days.


Article 7 – Personal Data Processing And General Liability Of The Organizer

7.1. With their participation to the Campaign, Participants agree that their personal data is processed by the Partner in this Campaign, in compliance with Law 677/2001.

7.2. Personal data collected within the Campaign will only be disclosed to a third party only in compliance with the legislation in force.

7.3. The Organizer guarantees confidentiality of personal data of the Participants to the Campaign.

7.4. Participants to the campaign have, according to Law 677/2001, the following rights:  to be informed (as per Art. 12), to have access to their data (as per Art. 13), to intervene on their data (as per Art. 14), the right of opposition (as per Art. 15), the right to equal treatment (as per Art. 17), and the right to sue (as per Art. 18).


Article 8 – Force majeure

8.1. Force majeure refers to any event which is beyond control and which does not depend on and cannot be foreseen, or solved by the Organizer, as well as other reasons, independent of the Organizer, and which prevent the Organizer from fulfilling the obligations assumed through the present Rules.

8.2. If a force majeure event occurs, the Organizer has to notify the Participants within 5 working days from such an event. In case of force majeure, the Organizer is exonerated of responsibility for the obligations assumed in the present Rules.


Article 9 – Litigation

In case of disputes between the Organizer and the Participants to the Campaign, they will be solved amicably. If this is not possible, then the parties will address the matter to the competent Romanian court of law at the headquarters of the Organizer.


Article 10 – Official Rules of the Campaign

10.1. The Official Rules of the Campaign are available free of charge to anybody interested, throughout the Campaign. These Rules may be accessed on the site of the Campaign

10.2. The participation in the Campaign presumes that the present Rules are known and accepted. Participants to the Campaign pledge themselves to observe the provisions of the present Rules. The Organizer may alter these Rules the changes will be announced publicly on the site of the Campaign

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